Monday, September 12, 2011

Great advice from someone that's been there

I attended a party this weekend thrown by a second year MAAE student. This gave me an excellent opportunity to talk with and make connections with loads of second years (as well as other SAIC students not in the Art Ed department) and get their advice on beginning my journey at SAIC. Everyone I met has been so welcoming and nice which has made the beginning a very enjoyable experience so far. 

So I thought I would share the advice I was given this weekend:

One second year MAAE told me the most helpful thing to do at this stage is to journal or blog about your experiences. She noted that as dorky as it sounds it is really helpful in working through the thesis stage. Her advice was to journal about experiences, readings, lessons, lectures, exhibitions, or whatever strikes you as something important and worth noting. Going back at the second year stage and reading those entries allows you to discover a plethora of information in regards to your thesis. I guess you never know what may inspire you in your thesis a year from now. She also mentioned that looking back you'll probably start to see a pattern in the entries that you write, and this will give you insight into what theorists, educators, writers, or artists inspire you most. She even shaped her thesis around one of these people after catching that she continually went back to her writings. 

I guess it is time to get started on these entries!

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  1. what great advice, heather! hope it was a former cyberped student. ;)

    seriously though, blogging can be an incredibly cathartic process. as a sort of online sketchbook, it can be a great way to gather info and resources, share projects that you want feedback on with friends, or just as a space to vent. looking forward to seeing how you utilize the space.