Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chicago History Museum

If you haven't visited the Chicago History Museum yet, I strongly recommend visiting! It was a truly eye-opening experience in terms of education. I kept thinking why can't more art museums be like this? Learning seemed so seamless, and there was something for almost all learners whether it was visuals, video, music or audio recordings, written description, or hands on activities. The atmosphere was so welcoming, the floor was carpeted which absorbed some sound, it felt like a place that you could engage others as well as learn. I went for a class, and we visited only a few exhibitions, so I definitely want to go back and spend more time there.
The one exhibition that we went for mostly was the Out in Chicago exhibition which was amazing. It was informative, educational, interesting, engaging, imaginative, and different than anything I have ever seen. Instead of focusing on a timeline of history it presented issues of gender identity, what constitutes a family or a home, night life, etc. I highly recommend paying a visit to that exhibition to learn a bit more about LGBTQ history in Chicago.
Chicago History Museum
Out in Chicago

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  1. the history museum is definitely an undervalued gem in the city. it's a mid-size space that folks often write off as stodgy or dull, but has an amazing amount to offer. glad you enjoyed your visit, heather!