Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mining the AIC?

I just read an article by Lisa G. Corrin about Fred Wilson's Mining the Museum exhibition in Maryland, and I am pretty inspired! He basically took a permanent collection of works and "mined" it creating an exhibition with a social commentary, educating the guests on social issues, and pointing out things that a viewer may not have been aware of before about the art. It told a different history, one of outsiders, a topic that I am extremely interested it. I got to thinking, could we mine the AIC? How could we do that? Maybe Technology could be the answer, some kind of interactive exhibition that tells a different story. Definitely something to keep in mind for my thesis work!

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  1. Mining the Museum is absolutely an amazing concept. I'm interested to hear more about what you're thinking about in relation to mining AIC. Specific works that everyone knows? little seen artifacts that get overlooked or pieces that are in storage that have been considered unworthy of exhibition? I definitely something about narrative and a different story in the museum could be really cool. great idea!