Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Museums and Religion

I'm working on a final project for Social Theory that deals with the subject of Museums and Religious objects, which has turned into something really exciting and relevant to my future goals in museum exhibition development. I am working on an exhibition that displays works that held/hold religious power in some way (which is a gigantic amount of art in the AIC) and displaying them in a way that speaks to their original intent and how one experiences images spiritually, religiously, or aesthetically. Basically taking the image out of the white wall context and placing it in something closer to how it was meant to be experienced. This is so that I can better understand how one 'experiences' art or images, and create something that would be potentially educational for visitors to experience what the works were originally meant to be or how they were experienced.
 Kind of a loaded idea there, but as I compile more research I'm sure it will get narrowed down. I'm probably going to design something in photoshop for the final product as I can't move around images in the art institute. I would potentally like to take a few works from several religions, perhaps ones that aren't as popular in terms of the traditional museum visit, and rework them so that others can experience culture, religious history, and learn about images and how they pertain to religion/spirituality/experience. I was also thinking about taking a few non-traditional things to discuss the role of art and experience for example the Rothko chapels or talking about tattoos etc. 
I know this probably all sounds a bit broad and undefined, but I'm still working through it a bit. I would love input though on art experiences whether from religious images or not. What allows you to have an experience with art? Is it more or less possible when placed in a museum? Do you think art museums de-spiritualize objects? etc. I'm compiling a bunch of personal perspectives now so that I can create something that would work for a variety of individuals. 

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